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Parent - Child  Being a parent is one tough job.
Full of rewards, beautiful moments, laughs, and love. But the reality of raising children today is that parents become overwhelmed, exhausted, and stressed.

We get it.
We're the The Children’s Trust and we know how the life of a parent can be. In communities throughout the state and in the pages of this website, we provide parents with the expert information, tips, and support they need and deserve to be the best parents they can be.

What you can expect.
The Children’s Trust created One Tough Job to support parents by providing them with current, reliable, and practical information on a variety of parenting topics related to raising children from infancy through adolescence. We aim to provide a general overview of topics, drawing from a variety of reputable and reliable sources.

Parent  Did you know?

Children Push Our Buttons

Many times your child’s behaviors, words, and expressions are positive. They can make you to stop and look at the world in a different way or cherish a moment in time, like the first time they tell you they love you. Sometimes, however, your child’s behaviors may cause you to feel embarrassment, frustration, and even anger.


Kids  OTJ Highlights

It's Back To School Time!

Going back to school means getting into a new schedule and routine. Although your child may have attended summer camp or kept busy over the summer, starting the school year can be tough.


Not Even for a Minute

At no time during the year should parents or others who transport children leave them alone in a car, not even for a minute. We all lead hectic lives. Parents are busy trying to run errands and get everything done in little or no time, but we must stop and think about what is really important—the baby, the child and his or her safety and well-being, no matter how stressful the day, the child must always come first.

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